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My Background


In high school, I pursued art but once in college, moved towards Architecture and design. I would ultimately return to visual arts realizing that the hard-line restraints of a T-square were not compatible with the freeness of my hands.  Some of my formal training was attained at Howard University, School of Architecture. 

Some of my work consists of Black historical pieces which are directly related to the civil revolutions in Jamaica, West Indies 

I also illustrate old Jamaican folklores for their proverbial and humoristic effects and is experienced in silkscreen making and printing. 

I am a member of the Pocono Art Council in Stroudsburg, PA and a participant in various art exhibitions, including The Annual Celebration of the Arts (COTA) (2nd Place), The Marcus Hall in Queens, New York for a commemoration of Jamaica's Slavery Abolishment and Independence. Annual exhibitor in for Black History month (February) at the Prospect Heights High School, Brooklyn, NY. Delaware Water Gap, PA Celebration of the Arts Music Motif in 2005. My work has been displayed at the following venues: Office of the Congressman, Mario Scavello and Mama Bella's, Fernwood Resort, Bushkill, PA. Thompson Interior Designs, 373 Decatur St., Brooklyn, NY. Durham Trading, Marshall Creek, Pa. Jolof, Brooklyn, NY, several locations in New Jersey, Silver Spring, MD and Washington, DC. 

My Medium


My current repertoire includes wood & metal carving, oil and watercolor painting, pencil, pen and ink drawing. 

My Inspiration


I was always interested in art and has been passionately painting and drawing since my youth. Feeling a coziness and attachment to nature, I allow many of my pieces to be motivated by nature and history. I am also inspired by my Caribbean roots and Afrocentrism.

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